rehearsal space

  • basic session (2 - 5h)                                     €12,5/h

  • long session (5h or longer)                              €10/h

  • monthly pass for individual musicians                €100

       (16h, available from Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm)

Book on-line:

dance classes / monthly pass

  • 2h a week                                                   €60

  • 1h a week                                                   €40

         With purchase of the monthly pass you can mix

         and match the classes you like (to the value of the pass).

         5% discount with purchase over €100 and 10% over €150

  • single pass (1class, paid on the door)               €10

  • individual classes (1h)                                    €30

  • available for private sessions/by the hour          €20

instrument lessons

  • guitar, bass, piano, drums (30min)                    €25

singing lessons                                                  

recording                                                         individually

rent the space

video                                                              determined