At Raven Studio, we offer exquisit rehearsal space at very competetive price, with huge potential for many other applications. It is not only a very comfprtable and fully equipped practice room for your band, you can also rent it out for your personal, individual practicing needs or even book a teacher to help you progress with your instrument. Video recording and sound recording of the practice is also available (subject to booking). We provide a proffesional envoirment for busy, working bands, as well as a guidance for starting begginer bands, helping them with those first important steps in the music industry.

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Rehearsal room specification:

PA: active Mackie system - 2 tops and 2 bass bins of combined power 3KW

MIXER: 16 channels Mackie Onyx

DRUM KIT: DW Collectors shell-pack: 22", 10", 12", 14"floor, 16"floor + HW (no snare, cymbals and kick pedal)

KEYS: Yamaha Clavinova electric piano, weighted keys

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